Terms of Product Reservation

Date: 20.09.2023

These Terms of Product Reservation shall determine the terms and conditions under which Registered Users of the Website may reserve the Products to be purchased at a designated point of sale as well as other topics related to Products. This is not an internet shop, purchases are only possible at the actual point of sale. Please note that none of the provisions of this Agreement and none of the elements of the Website content may be considered as a public offer by PMG or the Seller. Information about product characteristics, prices, and other information have been posted on the Website for informational purposes only and in order to enable you to reserve the Products upon your will. Furthermore, please note that reserving a product online, via this website, does not constitute an offer, nor binds the parties to perform any act or omission characteristic of the sale agreement. The relevant terms and conditions shall be determined at the shop and the sale and purchase agreement shall only be concluded at the point of sale and only after verifying the legal age and other requirements of the buyer. For the avoidance of any doubt, PMG and/or the Seller shall not be bound by reservation on the website and may refuse service/sale at any time if such a transaction leads to the violation of the effective legislation of Georgia. Furthermore, please bear in mind that the agreement does not constitute a distance contract under the Georgian legislation and the rules regulating such contracts (including, the 14-day no-cause return policy provided under the Law of Georgia on Consumer Rights Protection) shall not apply.  

1. Terms and Definitions

When used in these Terms of Product Reservation, unless otherwise required by the context, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

1.1. “Website” - means this website www.iqos.com (as redirected to www.ge.iqos.com).

1.2. “Terms of Use” - means these Website Terms of Use for www.iqos.com (as redirected to www.ge.iqos.com).

1.3. "PMG” or “WE” - Philip Morris Georgia LLC, owner of the website or we (in different cases) shall mean Philip Morris Georgia Limited Liability Company, located at: Saarbrucken Square, 0102, Tbilisi, Georgia, legal entity identifier code: 404387374, which is an importer of the Products.

1.4. “USER” (Inlucding "REGISTERED USER")or “YOU” – A person who is at least 18 years old, who is a tobacco and/or nicotine-containing product consumer and agreed with terms and conditions of the use of the website.

1.5. “Products” - heated tobacco products, tobacco-heating electronic systems, and other goods, information about which may be received on the Website.

1.6. “Personal Data” – User’s data that qualifies as personal data under applicable provision of the Georgian law.

1.7. “Seller” - LLC GDI a company organized and existing under the laws of Georgia, with registered offices at N3A Giorgi Mdivani Str.,0120, Tbilisi, Georgia, from whom Registered users can reserve the Products to be purchased and collected at a designated point of sale. Reservation of the Products to be purchased at the designated point of sale is possible for registered users who have additionally read and accepted the Products Terms of Reservation;

1.8. “Products Terms of Reservation” a document governing the relationship between you and the Seller when you reserve the Products to be purchased at the designated point of sale as well as other topics related to Products.

2. Product Reservation Procedure

2.1.You may reserve Products to be purchased at a point of sale provided that you have registered on the Website, have read and accepted the Website Terms of Use and these Terms of Product Reservation, and also meet the requirements, namely:

  • the user is at least 18 years old;
  • the user is a tobacco and/or nicotine-containing products consumer;
  • the user resides in Georgia;

2.2. You shall send requests for product reservation to the Seller by clicking the "Reserve" active link in the relevant section of the Website or by calling [call center 0800 003 003. By sending your reservation via Website you are not obliged to make a purchase in the point of sale. However please note that your reservation will be held by the Seller for a period of 48 hours from the moment of sending a confirmation of reservation by the Seller, after which your reservation will be cancelled automatically without additional notification to you. Furthermore, please take into account that reserving a product online, via this website, does not constitute an offer, nor binds the parties to perform any act or omission characteristic of the sale agreement. Please also note that the prices of the Products specified on the Website are for the information purposes only. The actual prices shall be determined by the Seller at the point of sale.

2.3. To verify the validity of the reservation, your verbal confirmation of your age, and also on other matters such as nicotine consumption status the Seller or we can contact you by phone or by other means of communication.

2.4. The Seller shall confirm your reservation by sending you an SMS to phone number you've specified when registering on the Website, this message will contain your reservation number. The sale and purchase agreement shall be concluded at the time of your physical visit at the point of sale.

2.5. The Seller may annul your reservation without any additional notification or refuse sale of the products to you if at any point of time it becomes known to the Seller that you are under age or are not a consumer of tobacco and/or nicotine containing products or that you are pregnant. 

3. Sale and Purchase Electronic Agreement

3.1. A sale and purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") is concluded between you and the Seller at the point of sale. Sending a confirmation of your reservation does not constitute a confirmation of purchase by the Seller – this is not an internet shop. No provision provided herein can be understood and interpreted as an offer and/or any condition of the sale and purchase agreement.

3.2. Before purchasing reserved products at a point of sale you can cancel your reservation at any time by contacting us via: call center [0800 003 003], “Contact us” form available on Website, at a point of sale.

3.3. You may be able to purchase reserved products at the point of sale only if you confirm: 1) your personal data provided to us during reservation; 2) you are over 18 years of age; 3) you are a smoker or a user of other tobacco and/or nicotine containing products. The Seller may refuse purchase if any of the above are not confirmed or if you refuse to provide proof of thereof upon the Seller’s request. The Seller may also refuse to sell the Products to you if it becomes known to them that you are pregnant.

4. Payment Method

Payment method for the reserved products shall be as determined by the Seller at the point of sale in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

5. Warranty

5.1. The Seller provides you with a warranty for the following IQOS tobacco heating system devices (“device” or “devices”):

5.3. We/Seller have the right, if necessary during diagnostics, accessing your IQOS device and the information about how it was used for the purpose of: (i) providing technical support to you (e.g. diagnostics and/or firmware updates); and (ii) for Products and service improvement, to understand our consumers better and understand how they use our products.

For more details, you can consult with our privacy and personal data protection statement and privacy notice which are available on our IQOS website.

5.4. General information about “professional cleaning service”

IQOS Pocket Charger (single line-up item);

IQOS Holder (single line-up item).

5.2. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty is available for the Registered Users only who have a registered device on their profile. We reserve a right to refuse registration of your device if the device is already registered to another User.


Professional cleaning is a service under which we will clean your device professionally Philip Morris Georgia though its official business partners allow registered legal age users in Georgia to bring their devices to the brand retail for the cleaning service with the special cleaning tools which are only available in Brand retail and are not for the commercialization.


As a registered legal age user, customers can bring their device for the professional cleaning service in IQOS official points of sale or service center. professional cleaning service Terms and Conditions:


1.Only a registered legal age user can use professional cleaning service. The device that you are bringing for cleaning must be linked to your account.


2.Registered legal age user can bring their device two times per month for the professional cleaning service


3. For the registered legal age users who will use Professional cleaning service, we will be providing cleaning sticks for the revision of the demonstration. Cleaning sticks for demonstration are dependent on availability at POS.


 By applying to our professional cleaning service, you confirm that you have read and consent to these Terms & Conditions

5.5. Please note: non-compliance with guarantee terms, attempts to open, modify or repair a device both by the user and the service provider, not by the authorized manufacturer or its authorized representative will void the warranty for IQOS heating system, and you will not be able to use the warranty by approaching a certified store.

5.6. Only use the services of official service centers indicated in documents accompanying the Products and/or mentioned on the Website.

5.7. At selected points of sale the Seller may make available an extended warranty service to the legal age users, which is a paid extension of the original warranty term mentioned in the item 5.2. The following terms and conditions apply to the extended warranty service:

5.7.1. The price of the extended warranty service and its duration is set by the Seller and you can receive detailed information in the selected points of sale or by contacting us directly;

5.7.2. This service is available only for legal age nicotine users that are fully registered in our database of adult consumers of tobacco/nicotine - containing products with a device linked to their profile;

5.7.3. The extended warranty may be purchased for a single line up item in case of IQOS 3 MULTI andin case of 2 component device - for a combination of both a holder and a charger, these components must be linked to the user profile;

5.7.4. The service is not available for Products (tobacco heating devices) purchased outside of Georgia;

5.7.5. If you purchased the extended warranty service for earlier generation IQOS device models, such as 2.4 Plus, please note that a replacement device that you will receive is going to be a model of not earlier than IQOS 3 DUO. In any case the replacement device model is determined by us/or the Seller. Color of the replacement device may also differ subject to availability at the Seller’s points of sale;

5.7.6. For avoidance of doubt, devices or single line-up items (chargers, holders) which are lost, stolen or damaged on purpose are excluded from the service and replacements will not be provided;

5.7.7. If you have an active Care Plus program for the device or a single line-up item and you purchase the extended warranty service for the same, Care Plus term will also be extended accordingly. Other Care Plus terms & conditions apply. For avoidance of doubt, extension of Care Plus term does not mean that a new Care Plus term is provided for you, i.e. you will remain eligible for only one replacement during the whole Care Plus term as extended by the purchased extended warranty service.

6. Client Support Service

We are ready to answer your questions at the Client Support Service call center number [+995 322 003 003] or by e-mail [available on website]. Client Support Service operates daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. You can also leave a message for us on the website 24 hours a day using “Contact Us” form available on website, and we will contact you back

7. IQOS Rental Services

7.1. Device Rental is a paid service under which an device can be rented to the Registered User for a predetermined period of time. Upon expiration of that period the device shall be returned to the Seller as determined by a contract mentioned in item 7.6 below.

7.2. The list of points of sale where device rental service (“Device Rental”) service is available can be found on the Website.

7.3. You are eligible for device Rental if you are a "Registered User" who does not have a device registered in your personal account at www.iqos.com (as redirected to www.ge.iqos.com) and/or you are not an actual device user. You may be refused a Device Rental if the mentioned criteria is not met (exceptions apply at our or Seller’s discretion).

7.4. Device Rental is available only once per Registered User – if you have received this service in the past, it can be refused to you (exceptions apply at our or Seller’s discretion).

7.5. Seller’s personnel in the point of sale makes a decision to provide a Device Rental and may refuse to do so without explaining a reason for their decision.

7.6. Device Rental is a paid service. Its conditions, such as eligible device models, a fee amount, a duration or rent, conditions for a return and other topics are regulated by a contract entered into by the Seller and the Registered User in the Seller’s point of sale where Device Rental is available. To enter into a contract your valid personal ID will be required (copies will not be accepted), please have it ready with you. Please note that if you return the device earlier then the Device Rental term expires you will not receive a fee refund for unused days.

7.7. To apply for Device Rental you can visit the Seller’s point of sales where Device Rental is available, call us at [0800 003 003] or fill out a form on the Website. To finalize your application, you will in all cases need to physically visit an eligible point of sale of the Seller.

7.8. Device Rental will not be provided for minors, pregnant women, people who have never used tobacco or nicotine products, or who have given up using tobacco and nicotine products. People with diabetics and with heart problems should also refrain from using Device Rental.

7.9. In case you fail to return a rented device in due time you may be blacklisted by us and/or the Seller. In such case we reserve the right to refuse any of our services to you.

8.0. Changes to These Terms and Final Provisions

8.1. We reserve the right at any time to make changes to the Terms of Product Reservation as a whole and in any parts thereof (such as the privacy statement), you will be informed but therefore we recommend that you periodically review them.

8.2. By using a product reservation option on the Website or by applying for Device Rental in any available way, you provide your consent to these Terms of Product Reservation. In case you refuse to grant such consent or withdraw it you would not be able to use the reservation option on the Website as well as Device Rental.