lil SOLID Ez Black


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A simple to use one-piece device for heated tobacco experience without the hassle of ash, smoke or cigarette smoke smell. lil SOLID Ez provides 3 back-to-back consecutive uses. Plus, its battery is ready for up to 25 uses* after 2 hours charge. Introduced by IQOS. lil SOLID is designed to be used with Fiit tobacco sticks. * Subject to battery performance degradation and conditions of use.

Simple & Convenient device in new design.

Compact device, simple taste experience.

1. Fiit Stick

Fiit are made from quality tobacco leaf. Simply insert the Fiit stick of your favourite flavour, tobacco, fresh or aromatic, heat and simply use.

2. Device

lil SOLID Ez is an all-in-one device which lets you to experience heated tobacco, but without ash, smoke or cigarette smoke smell.

LED light indicator
Shares updates on battery status. The LED will turn on while you puff to indicate the device is working.

2600mAh ISO certified batterie
2 hours charging time fore 25 experiences*

* Subject to battery performance degradation and conditions of use.


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What's in the box

lil SOLID Ez Device
AC Power Adaptor
USB-C Cable

1. Ensure the device is ON by pressing the button quickly and at the same time you can check the battery level.

2. Slide the cover to open and insert a FIIT stick with the tobacco side into the device.

 · Turn ON lil SOLID Ez, by pressing the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds until you feel a vibration

 · The device will pre-heat, while the light will blink ice blue for up to 25 seconds.

 · When the pre-heating process comes to an end, the ice blue light is on, it vibrates again and is ready to be used.

3. Each experience lasts up to 5 mins or 14 puffs, whichever comes first.

 · The device vibrates and the light blinks ice blue to signal the last 3 puffs or 30 seconds.

4. Once your experience has come to an end, twist the tobacco stick more than 3 times in the same direction, remove the heat stick and close the cover.

 · Fiit Tobacco sticks specifically designed for lil™ are single use. Do not re-insert a used stick into the device.

You can follow these easy steps to keep track of the battery:

1. While charging, the status LED blinks, and the color of the LED indicates the level of the charge.

2. When charged, the light turns solid blue.

3. If the light blinks blue, your battery level is between 100-75%.

4. If the light blinks ice blue, your battery level is between 75-35% - you still have some power.

5. If the light blinks orange, your battery level is between 35-1% - you should charge.

6. If the light blinks red, then you are out of battery and you need to charge.

Follow these steps to clean your lil SOLID Ez for the best possible tobacco experience.

1. Always turn OFF your device before you clean it.

2. Open the cleaning wiper from the dual cleaner pro

3. Remove the cap from the device

4. Use the cleaning wiper to clean the heating pin

5. Open the cap wiper from the dual cleaner pro

6.Use the cap wiper to clean the path for the aerosol

Clean your device after every 20 experiences to guarantee proper aerosol delivery.

You can also clean with heat:

1. Quickly press the start button 5 times.

2. The LED light will blink orange for 90 seconds.

3. When the cleaning is done, the light goes off and you will feel the device vibrates twice.

To see answers to frequently asked questions, visit the "FAQ" section of the website.

Fiit Variants

Taking care of your lil SOLID Ez is easy.
Giving your lil SOLID Ez some care will keep it in optimal condition for longer.
You can compare your device technical features.


Our iconic two-piece device.

lil SOLID Ez

lil SOLID Ez

All-in-one heated tobacco device with 3 consecutive uses.

lil SOLID Ez