Terms of Website Use

“Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website” ( “Terms and Conditions”)

Date 27.02.2024


The  “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website” sets out the general “Terms and Conditions” of use of the “Website” www.iqos.com (redirected to www.ge.iqos.com), the procedure for registering on the “Website”, issues related to personal data, etc. etc. Please note that no condition of these Terms and any element of the content of the “Website” should be considered as a public offer of “Philip Morris Georgia” LLC or the Seller. The information on the characteristics of the product and any other information placed on the “Website” is for informational purposes only and gives “You” the opportunity to book the product “You” want.


  1. Terms and definitions


For the purposes of the “Terms and Conditions” of use of this “Website”, the words have the following meanings, unless otherwise defined by the context.

  • 1.1 “Website” - means the following “Website”: www.iqos.com (redirected to www.ge.iqos.com).
  • 1.2 “Terms and Conditions” of Use - means the “Terms and Conditions” of use of the “Website” www.iqos.com (redirected to www.ge.iqos.com).
  • 1.3 “PMG” or  “We”  - LLC  “Philip Morris Georgia” , owner of the “Website” or we (in other cases) means  “Philip Morris Georgia”  LLC, whose legal address is: Georgia, Tbilisi, Chugureti district, Saarbrucken Square, 0102, Identification code of the legal entity: 404387374, which represents the importer of the  Products .
  • 1.4 “User” (including  Registered “User” ) or  “You”  - a person who is at least 18 years of age, a “User” of tobacco and/or nicotine-containing products and has agreed to the “Terms and Conditions” of use of the “Website”.
  • 1.5 “Authorized Person” - means  our  affiliates, licensors, agents, contractors, external consultants and service providers, as well as external information providers with whom agreements (contracts) have been entered into for the provision of services for or for the performance of other actions or on behalf of  us  or  our  and/or persons affiliated with us or on their behalf) who have the right to process data and who, in accordance with the provisions of these agreements (contracts), are not authorized to disclose or use the information, Except where the information is used or disclosed on behalf of  us  or  our  and/or to perform services or perform actions on behalf of or affiliated with us or on their behalf; all rights granted to  “PMG”  shall be exercised by  “Authorized Persons” . According to the above  “Terms and Conditions” of Use of the “Website” , the “Authorized Person” means:

a). Monolith Advanced Internet Solutions Ltd, an Israeli company duly incorporated under the laws of Israel, whose registered address is: N5 King Street, Poleg, Netanya, Israel, Company Code: 514532837;

b). Middleware, Inc., a Delaware corporation, incorporated under the laws of the United States, registered address: 541 Jefferson Street, Suite 100 City of Redwood, California 94063, United States of America;

c). Teleperformance Istanbul, Mets Bilgisair Systemler San. Vetik A. S Defterdar Mah/Semt Otakchilar Cad.7891, Istanbul, Turkey 6200026980

d). LLC  GDI ,  Seller , a company registered on the basis of the legislation of Georgia, whose office is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, Giorgi Madivni Street N3a, 0120

e).  Deeplace  SRL with identification number: 1004600025000, address Desftea Street N112, 2nd floor, Chisinau, Moldova, MD — 2004.

  • 1.6 “Products”  means tobacco products, electronic tobacco heating systems/devices, disposable e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes in cartridges and other goods, information about which may be obtained through the  “Website” ;
  • 1.7 “Personal Data” —  “User”  data, which is considered personal data in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.
  • 1.8 Seller - the party specified in the   Product Booking “Terms and Conditions”    from whom registered “Users“ can reserve  Product  to be purchased at a specified point of sale.  Products  for purchase at a specified point of sale can be reserved for registered “Users“ who additionally read and agree to the  Product Booking “Terms and Conditions” .
  • 1.9 Product Booking “Terms and Conditions”  - a document regulating the relationship between  “You”  and  Seller  when ordering  Products  to be purchased at a specified point of sale, or on another topic related to  Products


  1. Use of the “Website”


  • 2.1 This “Website” is intended only for “Users“ of tobacco and/or nicotine-containing products who are at least 18 years of age and reside in Georgia. By using the  “Website”  “You” confirm that “You” are at least 18 years of age and a “User” of tobacco and/or nicotine-containing products and  “You”  have read and agree to these  “Terms and Conditions” of Use of the “Website” . If “You” do not agree to the “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website” ,  “You”  are not entitled to use the  “Website” .
  • 2.2. This “Website” is legally owned and used by  “PMG” . The purpose of  “PMG”  is to provide “You” with the necessary, accessible, reliable and timely information about the  Products  through the  “Website” ; to provide “You” with an informed and competent choice and customer services. Please note that  “PMG”  does not represent the  Seller  and does not enter into any relationship with  “You”  related to the booking, purchase, rental, etc., of the  Products . etc.
  • 2.3 Access to the “Website” may be granted only to those who meet the following criteria:
    • the customer is at least 18 years old;
    • the customer is a consumer of tobacco and/or nicotine-containing products;
    • the customer lives in Georgia.
  • 2.4 Upon registration, “You” will be given the opportunity to choose the login and password of the corresponding “User's“ computer system (through which “You” will be able to access specific sections of the  “Website” ), which must be personal and not transferred to third parties, except where such transfer is required by the  “Terms and Conditions” of Use of the “Website”  and the legislation of Georgia. The “User's” login identifier may only be transferred to persons who meet the above conditions and who have successfully registered on the  “Website”. We reserve the right to control access to the “Website” and to confirm “Your” use of the  Website” .


  • 2.5 After registering on the “Website” or other means of communication (for example, through a call center, Viber, Facebook, messenger, e-mail, personal registration at the point of sale),  “Your”  data will be placed in adult tobacco and nicotine-containing products customer base. This means that  “You”  will receive, within the limits permitted by the legislation of Georgia, information about the products, specifically, but without limitation, information related to the issues of care and support for the customer. By agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions of use of the  Website” ,  “You”  authorize us to send “You” similar information by electronic means of communication or otherwise (including phone call, SMS, Viber, e-mail, Facebook messenger With).  “You”  can refuse to receive information at any time after registration, subject to the rules provided for in clause 3.


  1. Termination of use of the “Website”


  • 3.1 “You” may at any time refuse to receive information and materials related to the product in accordance with clause 2.4 of these  “Terms and Conditions”  through the button -  Contact Us  located on the  “Website”  - “User” page, call center [0800 003 003] or at the point of sale of the  seller . Sending such a request does not imply that  “You”  will no longer be registered with our adult tobacco and nicotine-containing products customer base. Please also note that if “You” also cancel “Your” registration in accordance with sections 3.2-3.3 from our adult tobacco and nicotine-containing product customer base, “You” will no longer receive specific information from us.
  • 3.2 To cancel “Your“ customer page, “You” can contact us at any time via the Contact Us button on the “Website” or via the call center [0800 003 003] or at the  Seller  point of sale. “Your“ personal data will no longer be processed by us.
  • 3.3 In addition, please also note that the “Your” “User” page will be deleted and removed from the registration in the following cases:

    If it becomes known to us that “You” are no longer a nicotine “User” (for example, if “You” have stopped using nicotine products) to the extent that  we  communicate with adult nicotine “Users”;

    If “You” have  inactive status  for a period of 1 year or more.  Inactive status means that the registered customer has not interacted with the IQOS team through any means of communication for 1 year, has not been able to purchase or service any official point of sale, has not contacted us through a call center, or Viber or Facebook or through Messenger, “You” do not enter the “Website”.


  • 3.4 In any case specified in clauses 3.2-3.3 of the “Terms and Conditions” , the “Your” “User” page will be canceled and removed from the registration no later than 7 (seven) days after the occurrence of the relevant circumstances.


  1. Privacy and Personal Data Protection Regulation


  • 4.1 By using this “Website” and agreeing to the  “Terms and Conditions” of Use of the “Website”  and the  Personal Data Privacy Policy, “You” certify that “You” are at least 18 years of age living in Georgia and are a “User” of tobacco/nicotine-containing products;  “You”  understand and agree to the terms and purposes of using  “Your”  personal data, in accordance with the  Personal Data Protection Policy . “You” also agree with and acknowledge that the use of “Your” personal data does not constitute a basis for payment of any compensation to “You”.  “PMG”  respects the personal information of its customers.  “We” undertake to take appropriate measures to protect “Your”  personal data that “You” provide to us during “Your” visit to the  “Website”  and its use. The “Personal Data Privacy Policy" describes all the measures we take to ensure data security. If  “You”  do not agree to this  “Privacy Policy” ,  “You”  should not use the  “Website” .  “We” reserve the right to make changes to this Personal Data Protection Policy  at any time to which “You” are additionally notified, but it is recommended that “You” regularly check the  Privacy Policy  of the  “Website” .


  • 4.2 For all questions regarding the processing of “Your” personal data by “PMG”, please write to us at the following address: “Philip Morris Georgia" LLC, Saarbrucken Square, 0102, Tbilisi, Georgia.


  • 4.3 How we protect “Your” personal data. The protection of personal data is our priority. “We” ensure that  our  and authorized third parties take appropriate administrative, technical and physical protection measures designed to protect against unauthorized disclosure, use, modification or deletion of the personal data that  “You”  provide to us at the time of  “Your”  visit to this  “Website”  or the use of the  “Website”  by  “You” .  “We”  use secure communication links to ensure the security of  “Your”  personal data. Detailed information about this can be obtained at the link.


           5. Intellectual Property Rights

  • 5.1 This “Website” and its content (including, without limitation, computer software, files, graphics and other information or materials) are the property of “PMG”, its affiliates and/or third parties, and/or licensors referred to on the “Website”. It is protected by intellectual property law, including, without limitation, the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of Georgia, the Trademark Law, the Law on Design and the laws of Georgia and other countries. Unless otherwise stated, the “Website” is intended solely for “Your” personal needs. Use of the materials of this  “Website”  for other purposes without the written consent of  “PMG”  (including, without limitation: use of the  “Website”  in connection with business activities; modification of any materials, information, computer software,  products  or services obtained from the  “Website” ) to distribute, disseminate, transmit, create, advertise, reproduce, publish, license or cancel; any work of materials, information, computer software, products or any other work or service derived from this  “Website”  Creation, transfer or sale is strictly prohibited.

    6 Changes to the present conditions
  • 6.1 “We” reserve the right at any time to change in whole or in part these  “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website”  (as well as the  Personal Data Protection Policy ) of which “You” are informed, but it is recommended that “You” check it periodically.

    7. Final Provisions
  • 7.1 Disclaimer of Warranties. The use of the “Website” by “You” is “Your” responsibility. This “Website” is supplied to on an “as is” and “as available” basis.  “PMG”  and/or its “Authorized Persons” unconditionally and unambiguously disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation: the warranty of fitness for one particular purpose or another and any warranty that this “Website” or the materials of the site do not infringe any rights; that access to this  “Website”  will be continuous and will not be associated with errors; that this  “Website”  will be secure; that this  “Website”  or the servers that ensure the smooth operation of the  “Website” , will not will contain a virus; that the information posted on this  “Website”  will be complete, accurate or timely. If “You” download any material from this “Website”, “You” do so at “Your” own discretion and under personal responsibility. Damage or loss of data caused to “Your”  computer system as a result of downloading similar materials is entirely  “Your”   In addition, “You”  agree to bear the costs necessary to eliminate, restore or repair similar damage.

  • 7.2 Limitation of Liability. To the extent permitted by applicable law, “You” acknowledge and agree that neither “PMG” nor other authorized third parties shall be liable for any damages that are relevant to or arising from “Your” or the use of this “Website”, from the impossibility of or the establishment of communication with us or authorized third parties in connection with this “Website” . These Terms apply to errors, negligence, interruptions, wrongdoing, delay, computer viruses, loss of “Your”  profits or information, unauthorized access to or violation of “Your” transfers or information, as well as other material or non-material consequences. This limitation of liability applies regardless of whether similar damages are caused by negligence or on any other basis resulting from the inability to use or use the information, services, products or materials available on this  “Website”  and even, negligence. Be it  our  or authorized third parties or even  we  or authorized third parties we have been warned of similar damages.  We  are entitled, at any time, without any prior notice, to expand, modify, restrict or completely close the  “Website”  or any part thereof, and  we  accept no liability whatsoever for the foregoing. This  “Website”  may contain references or links to other  websites .  We  are not responsible for “Your use of such websites. References or links to other websites are provided for informational purposes only, and this does not mean in any way that: (a)  we  endorse the persons who own said  “Website” , or (b) provide or guarantee the availability of such   We are not responsible for the quality of the goods or services posted, nor are we responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information posted on such  “Websites” .

  • 7.3 Compensation for damage. “You” agree to indemnify  “PMG”  and any of its “Authorized Persons”, as well as their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors and suppliers for any loss, liability and loss with respect to, including, without limitation, attorneys' services costs and litigation costs resulting from a violation of the terms of use of this  “Website”  (including, without limitation, negligent or intentional actions) by  “You”  or any person (who is  on the “Website” )  Access will be obtained through “Your” Internet connection). If  “Your”  actions prevent or threaten the proper functioning of the  “Website”  or the system and the transmission of information between  “Website”  and  “Your”  or others,  “You”  will be liable for all damages, including any reasonable cause arising from similar problems on the costs of a lawyer and litigation.

  • 7.4 Blocking access to the “Website” . “Your”  access to the  “Website”  may be blocked in the following cases:
    •  “You”  do not meet the requirements to access the  “Website” ;
    • Incorrect personal data is provided;
    •  “You”  have contacted us with a request to restrict access to the  “Website” ;
    • For any reason, “Your” data was removed from the adult consumer base of tobacco/nicotine-containing products;
    • “You” have a login identifier for more than one computer system.
  • 7.5 Jurisdiction. These “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website” , as well as the use of the “Website”  by  “You”  are governed by the laws of Georgia and  “You”  irrevocably agree to the jurisdiction of the courts located in Georgia with respect to matters arising from these Terms.  We  acknowledge that  “You”  may have access to the  “Website”  from any other jurisdiction in the world. This  “Website”  has been created in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.    “You”  are responsible for knowing and complying with the requirements of the laws of the jurisdiction in which “You” are located.

  • 7.6 Please note that these “Terms and Conditions” of Use apply only to this  “Website”  and not to other  “Websites” , including  “Websites”  that are owned by  “PMG”  and/or other authorized third parties and/or other such third parties in which other rules and policies apply.