Rental Service - IQOS, lil, VEEV
7-day trial
New style, tried-and-trusted HEATCONTROL TECHNOLOGY
2 consecutive uses
Heating Blade
7-day trial
lil SOLID Ez
Easy-to-use, all-in-one device.
3 consecutive uses
Pin heating
21-day trial
Pod-based vape system.
Up to 2000 puffs per 2 pods
Ceramic heating
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3. Visit Our Service Center
Legal age nicotine user will be able to rent IQOS 3 DUO for 7 days.
4. Return
After 7 days of experience you should return the device to the IQOS service center.
How IQOS Works?
Through IQOS HeatControl™ Technology we are able to heat tobacco without burning it. The result?

IQOS Rental

Where to get the IQOS Rental service?
Rental service is available in every branded IQOS points of sale within Georgia.
In order to get additional information about IQOS Rental service, you can leave your contact information below.
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HEETS variants

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If you want to receive IQOS Rental Service, submit the form. We will contact you via phone call, SMS or Viber.

About Trial program
What is Rental service?
The Rental service is an IQOS/lil or VEEV ONE temporary rental service (7 days for IQOS and lil devices, 21 days for VEEV ONE devices).
How to apply for IQOS Rental Service?
To apply for IQOS Rental you can visit the Seller’s point of sales where IQOS Rental is available, call us at 0800 003 003, or fill out a form on the Website. To finalize your application you will in all cases need to physically visit an eligible point of sale of the Seller.
How much does it cost to get rental service?
Device rental service costs 7 Gel for IQOS, 5 Gel for lil and 5 Gel for VEEV one
About the Rental service process
How long can u keep the device?
For IQOS or lil device rental the initial period is 7 calendar days, with the possibility to extend it only once for an additional period, upon request. For VEEV ONE device initial period is 21 days.
How can u return the device?
You can return device to all IQOS service centers
What to do if the device was damaged?
In case of any damages with the device please contact our customer support with this number 0 800 003 003.

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