Want to experience IQOS, Lil SOLID or VEEV ONE?

If you are an adult nicotine user and considering switching to alternative nicotine products, you might have been wondering what the experience is like.

To answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity, we have the Rental service for IQOS, lil SOLID and our new vape VEEV ONE!

With paid Rental service interested legal-age  adult tobacco and nicotine users can test its functionality of device and taste different flavors. 

You can rent IQOS device for 7 days – 7 GELLil SOLID device for 7 days – 5 GEL or VEEV ONE device for 21 days - 5 GEL.

You can find and get Rental Service at :

  • any of our IQOS official stores
  • or simply leave us your phone number, and our representative will contact you within a day. 


By this link  you can find shops where you also can purchase IQOS, lil or VEEV ONE devices and enjoy the  services such as warranty, device replacement and rental service.

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